Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On Election Issues & Journalistic Malpractice

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On Initiatives:
Elected Judge Dirk Sandefur has declared voters stupid in his ruling that petition signature gatherers 'manipulated' voters to sign CI-97, CI-98, and I-154. Keep that in mind in the next District 8(D) judicial election. As a signer of all three petitions, brought around by local, long-time residents, I certainly will.

On education spending:
What are we to make of the $1 billion budget announced by the University Board of Regents in the wake of the Kaiser's pledge to freeze tuition? I won't hold my breath for a coherent, factual analysis of the implications for students and taxpayers from Montana media. They're too busy stumping for Jon Tester.

On US Senate race:
Speaking of the organic farmer and real Montanan, why do you suppose the national Democrats began their smear campaign against Senator Burns nearly two years ago? Could he be delivering for Montana, working for our interests, perhaps even speaking for Montana values?

As much as I dislike pork, I must admit that the more hysterical Democrats get over Burns, the more inclined I am to support our good Senator. Most amusing is the irrational hatred displayed by critics comfortably ensconced in academic bubbles and government institutions. If it weren't for Senator Burns' efforts to bring home the bacon, these childish fools wouldn't even be fouling the air of our great state.

Plus, (no small point) Senator Burns is aware that we're at war and supports victory for our folks in uniform; meanwhile, Tester proposes retreat while dangling the Dems' favorite consolation prize to veterans: government handouts. As a vet, I find that about as insulting as it gets.

Run away! Run away! And then Tester and the surrender-monkey Democrats will take care of you!

As our civilization faces barbarians determined to annihilate us, Tester touts wind energy and repeal of the Patriot Act. Yup, his priorities are straight...out of the Democrat handbook.

Great Falls often seems a particularly cloistered community, especially since even local TV news is cued by the print media monopoly. The prevailing attitude here is powerlessness: we love to gripe among ourselves, but just as eagerly lap up the Dems' 'us vs them' propaganda. Our self-anointed 'activists' are quite fond of righteous indignation and petty posturing.

But you're only powerless if you are uninformed. Despite the diligent efforts of the local mainstream media to keep us confused & in the dark, the truth is out there. Yes, it takes some effort to uncover; it takes some mental exercise to sort through the blather to unearth facts. But an uninformed choice in our senatorial election could put not only Montana, but the entire nation, at risk.

I encourage my fellow Montanans to look up Tester's unsinspiring record in our state legislature, watch the Butte debate, browse online news, or stop by the blogs to get a feel for the 'real' Montana values espoused by Tester supporters. As for the latter, I highly recommend Left in the West (he craves the attention) and DailyKos (a media and Jon Tester favorite).

Slighted firefighters are a favorite topic--in both local media and on Tester's own blog. Isn't it curious how Tester supporters are far more concerned about the hurt feelings of Virginia firefighters than the employment of Montana firefighters, or protecting the property of Montana citizens?

You're no doubt unaware that, while the media dutifully flogs political and corporate connections to Burns' fundraisers, they've carefully ignored Tester's jaunts to Chicago and DC. So who funded Tester's flights to the big cities? And just how much money has he pocketed from those tony fundraisers, especially the ones hosted by Chuck Shumer in DC?

While Tester hobnobbed, DailyKos.com held an online fundraiser, which netted nearly $7000 from over 3000 leftists across the land. Kos exulted:
"It feels good to buy a politician. And a people-powered-owned politician will beat the heck out of the Abramoff-owned edition any day of the week."

(Perhaps this is why Tester's campaign, Montanans for Tester, has failed to file timely finance reports. They're still trying to figure out how to classify loony leftists from all over the country as 'real Montanans.' Tip: just assign them Missoula addresses.)

So who 'owns' Tester? The DC elites? Or the loony leftists? We might know, if only the Montana media showed the slightest interest...

Now is the time for all reasonable, hard-working Montanans to get informed, get registered and get out to vote. Act like your life depends on it, because it does.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

CI-97, CI-98, and I-154 are bogus issues on the ballot and I beleave that if allowed on the ballot that they would fail big time..Judge sandafur was right in removing them from the ballot for a number of reasons..
1. How the signetures were gathered were wrong I was tricked in to signing the patitions told that they had to have copies of each sig. and didnt have carbon paper so while signing one I signed 2 that I didnt agree with.
2. I 97 changed more then One law in the constitution which is Ileagle!
If the Supream court holds up a ruling you know there was somthing fishy with it all.
Plus I dont agree with an out of state corp trying to change our laws. I WILL VOTE TO REELECT JUDGE SANDUFER...

11:59 AM  

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