Thursday, August 17, 2006

Would you vote for liars?

Let's talk 'negative campaigning.'
Democrats & the media declared outrage over Republican 'mud-slinging' when the GOP asked "what would Jon do?" about the Iraq war, about defense of our country.

Then Dems trot out their TV ad, featuring supposed veterans, to pound Senator Burns' record on defense. Delightful propaganda, and it no doubt sells well in the insulated liberal enclaves of Missoula & Bozeman--but enraging to veterans like me who actually pay attention to military issues.

Here are the facts:

Dems say:“Voted Against Funding for More Armored Vehicles in Iraq”
Burns voted for the bill which included a 3.1% pay increase for all Military personnel. Bill authorized $610 million for new up armored vehicles in Iraq. Dems are referring to an amendment to spend more money that was not requested.

Dems say:“Voted Against Billions for Veterans Healthcare.”
Actually, Veterans Healthcare funding has increased by 49% in the last five years. Specific Burns accomplishments have directly benefited the more than 100,000 Veterans in the state of Montana.
They include:
• Creation of community-based outpatient clinics in Anaconda, Kalispell, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Billings, Miles City, Sidney, and Glasgow
• Funded Veteran’s transitional housing in Helena
• Funded Veteran’s clinics in Lewistown and Cut Bank.
• Creation and expansion of the services offered by the VA center at Fort Harrison.
• Creation of an additional Veteran’s Cemetery in Missoula.
• Secured federal funding for Liberty House.

Dems say:“Voted Against an Increase in the Death Benefit for Soldiers.”
Burns voted to increase the death gratuity (benefit) for all active duty soldiers to $100,000 retroactive to October 7, 2001 in Defense Appropriations Act of 2006.

Dems say:“Voted himself a pay raise 4 times.”
It’s a cost of living adjustment that is required by law. There is no up or down vote on a pay increase.
Note to Republicans: if this mischaracterization is allowed to fly, does this mean the GOP can insist that Max Baucus 'voted himself a pay raise 4 times' in the next senatorial election?

Just a few facts...PLUS, don't forget that Burns is a former Marine who has consistently been a champion for our armed services in general and for our Guardsmen & Malmstrom AFB in particular.

This bald-faced propaganda is disgusting, and more proof that the Democrat party has become the party of flagrant liars. Maybe that sells in Massachusetts or at DailyKos, but I don't think it's going to go far in Montana.

Veterans and families! Be sure to make it to the Veterans Rally in Helena on Friday, August 18 (Capitol steps at 11:30am). Show the media and the Dems that Montanans know who takes care of Montana veterans, and who is committed to the defense of our country.


Blogger david said...

I suspected that the Dems' ads against Burns' military support were misleading - or outright lies. Thanks for the clarification.

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