Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's just your money...

While the Trib has been fretting over mercury emissions, at least one person has been asking a question about Public Power that taxpayers want answered: Should city residents have voted last year on public power before the city issued $1.5 million in bonds for the coal-fired plant?
Coal plant process questioned

Based on an ordinance the city initially approved to establish and operate an electric utility, however, "if bonds are to be issued that are payable in part from the general fund or taxes levied by the City, such bonds may be issued only if approved by the electors."

"But we didn't have a vote and the general obligation bonds were approved," [Mary] Jolley said.

The action also raises questions as to why voters this year will decide whether the city issues $2 million in bonds to support city pools, while a vote wasn't needed for $1.5 million for the power plant, she said.

Of course, the Trib doesn't think this is that big a deal; they've been sitting on the story since Aug 4th.


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