Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Re: Golf Course Blues

GeeGuy got a tip that the city was illegally dumping on the Anaconda Hills Golf Course in Black Eagle. I'm a former resident & wondered if his source was referring to the gulch dump just west of the course, so I popped over to investigate.

This is the gulch dump, courtesy of the Moose Club:

click on pic for full-size view
dmp 1dmp 2dmp 3

This is looking much better than when I lived there a few years ago, but, according to residents, this is the reason the DEQ was out scouting about six months ago. They apparently discovered the mess on the golf course as they surveyed the damage from the Moose dump.

These shots show the west fenceline of the Anaconda Hills Golf Course:
click on pic for full-size view
pic 1pic 2pic 3

I wasn't able to get around to the back of the course due to ankle-deep mud (and, as the sign indicates, it's not quite legal to snoop around). I didn't see anything obvious, though a mound of dirt was piled just inside the fence:

pic 3a (detail of pic 3)

This might be the new maintenance shop:

This is located on the west side of the course, just south of the fenceline shots, and looks brand-new.

Anybody else have info or insight?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

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Opposing the ACLU

The ACLU was in town on March 28 to present their rancid view of the PATRIOT Act at the public library. When I inquired as to whether any opposing views were planned, the library director said he'd had no luck finding anyone willing to discuss the Act. So I offered this PowerPoint Show I threw together from my own research.

Over 50 citizens turned out for the ACLU's propaganda program, by my estimate (which is probably low--it was standing room only at the start of the show). I wasn't able to attend the show, but I set up the PowerPoint just outside the door and provided a basic fact sheet for anyone interested in knowing what the Act actually does. Gratitude to Jim Heckel for allowing me to display the presentation--and ensuring copies of the fact sheet were available for all who attended.

Click here for the PATRIOT Act fact sheet
Click here to view the PowerPoint
(click here if you need to download a free PowerPoint Viewer)

In my Internet search for info on the PATRIOT Act and images to include in the PowerPoint, I found two interesting phenomena:
1) Literally thousands of anti-PATRIOT Act and 9-11 conspiracy sites are out there, including many that pose as serious 'just the facts' type information centers. But a little reading unearths rhetoric worthy of the black helicopter crowd...and the most amazing disconnect from reality in the zeal to believe the worst of Americans and to blame anyone except Islamofascists for 9-11.

2) My search for photos of the 9-11 attacks was dismaying; the shots of the World Trade Center, the memorials and eye-witness accounts that inundated the web shortly after the attacks have faded away. Some of the WTC sites have become focused on the Ground Zero memorial designs, with just a few reminders of that day of infamy. I can understand this; Americans move on. But it's still bothers that we are avoiding the reminder of why we fight--and that it wasn't our fight to begin with.