Sunday, March 19, 2006

Regional News

News & information from around the region
dateline - Mar.23.06
Man accused of strangling girlfriend backs out of plea deal
"A jury trial is scheduled for June 19."

dateline - Mar.17.06
Burns, Rehberg announce Malmstrom study to evaluate new missions
Burns called Malmstrom a first-class facility with no land encroachment issues, outstanding housing funded over the years by defense appropriations, and a high quality of life for service men and women stationed there.

Ranchers, recreationists spar over Breaks monument plan
from the mouths of babes?
“This draft is 500 pages of solutions looking for problems that don’t exist,” said Julie Isackson, a Lewistown teenager

Abused Billings boy regains some sight, hearing
Preston Littlemouth is expected to return to Billings this week from a hospital in Denver where he has been treated for a serious head injury, broken bones and numerous burns...

Sierra Club petitioners oppose grizzly delisting
of course!
“We should not gamble with the progress that we've made,” said Heidi Godwin, grizzly bear project coordinator for the group.

dateline - Mar.16.06
NW cutting energy rates again as spring draws near
lowest rates in a year
For the third month in a row, NorthWestern Energy is reducing its electric and natural gas rates in Montana on April 1, in response to a continuing decline in market prices.

dateline - Mar.15.06
Trial date set in NorthWestern lawsuit
“The suit by the Employees' Retirement System of Livonia, Mich., is now tentatively set to begin April 25."

Morrison kicks off campaign with issue stops in 3 cities
“Morrison said that over the next few weeks he would outline his health care plan so that doctors and patients would have a level playing field. He said the discussion will be about affordable health care for all Americans, reducing costs and keeping choice in the health care system."


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