Sunday, March 19, 2006


Opinion and analysis

worth repeating:
Monumental Betrayal: How Bruce Babbitt engineered the Clinton land-grab
Range Magazine
“The people of Chicago and their children are going to live in a big city but know that there is open space forever that belongs to them whether they come and visit or not,” Babbitt proclaimed.

worth repeating:
Preservation Means NEGLECT
Private Trust
“Common sense and the advice of those who have lived with the land for a hundred years are sneered at by the self-annointed. These know-it-alls, boasting more expertise in lawsuits and propaganda than in science, blatantly disregard the U. S. Constitution and dismiss the idea of private property rights as an archaic, even barbaric concept.

dateline - Mar.15.06
CBS Does Denmark, Doesn't Get The Story Right
Weekly Standard
“Among the participants in the 60 Minutes trashing of Denmark was Ahmed Abu-Laban, a Palestinian refugee and self-appointed spokesman of Danish Muslims, who instigated the tour of the Middle East and whose name has been linked to some very unpleasant groups and individuals in the Middle East. But rather than explore Laban's background and grill him in depth on the question of the added cartoons, CBS treated him with kid gloves as an aggrieved individual.


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