Sunday, March 19, 2006

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dateline - Mar.21.06
Got a story? Get into the Lion's Den!
Founded on the belief that every life has meaning, every life has a message--and no one's life should be forgotten--Cyr has founded Lion's Den Publishing in Great Falls to offer ordinary people the chance to share their stories with loved ones, friends and family, or even the world.

dateline - Mar.14.06
Havre native learns to answer in form of a question
She's always been a competitor. She's always been a whiz kid. I guess all those things add up to ‘Jeopardy.

dateline - Mar.13.06
Billings refinery honored for wildlife site

“What started with osprey trying to nest in a smokestack in 1998 led to a commitment by the Billings ExxonMobil Refinery to maintain a good share of its property as wildlife habitat."

dateline - Mar.21.06
Kutless' Hearts of the Innocent Tour
I noticed folks my age took to the bleachers, while kids from ages eight to early twenties crammed the floor, bouncing, pumping fists and screaming for more. The box office reported more than 1500 eager fans over the course of the four hour show...


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